Agios Nikolaos...

Welcome to Agios Nikolaos, a modern cosmopolitan city....

Welcome to Agios Nikolaos, a modern cosmopolitan city, built at Mirabellos bay.

Agios Nikolaos

It is a modern cosmopolitan city, built at Mirabellos bay. It took its name from a church named this way (8th century AD), which is located in the south side of the current port.In ancient times Agios Nikolaos was called “Lato to Kamara”, a region of “Lato of Etera”.The latter is an area near Kritsa.Near to the small haven there is a lake which is estimated 64 meters deep, known as “Bulismeni “. This lake was presumably created from the volcano’s sedimentation.The lake combined with the sea with a small canal which was created in 1870.Agios Nikolaos lately has turned into an attractive destination for the summer due to the variety of hotels, restaurants, shops and an well-organized marine.The city is famous for its museums as it has Archaeological, Folklore and National History Museum.


Welcome to Agios Nikolaos, the capital of Lasithi.

After viewing the Marina, the Kitroplateia and of course the hallmark of the city, Lake (Voulismeni), do not miss:

For a summer with style in white you can choose, the all white clothing store, Blanc du Nil at 9, M. Sfakianaki street.

Daily trips from Agios Nikolaos to Spinalonga Island, with luxury boats, private chartering, fishing trips, bbq trips with the specialist in Boat Excursions, the Nostos Cruises, at 30, R. Koundourou street.

Men quality clothes can be found in MENSHOP, at 5, K. Sfakianaki street.

Natural beauty, Greek brands, olive oil & aloe cosmetics, cosmetic lab, handmade cosmetics and sun care products, can be found in store Green Lab, at 46, Roussou Koundourou street.

You can find shoes & bags in store La Pelle, at 20, Kontogianni street.

Shoes and accessories at Xaritakis with three shopping points, i) Xaritakis, 29, Kontogianni street, ii) Xaritakis Corner, 8, M. Metaxaki street, iii) Tsakiris Mallas, 3 M. Sfakianaki street.

Traditional Cretan Cuisine, with a great view, can be served in Paradosiako, at 9, Akti Themistokleous street.

Enjoy delicious seafood and meat dishes at Thalassinos Kosmos restaurant at Sisi Village, tel. +30 2841071089, +30 6937040930.

Just sit back and enjoy a fantastic day cruising around with your friends & family with GT Cruises Tatiana, located in the Marina of Agios Nikolaos .

Good service, excellent food, fresh fish and lobster on the bbq, local and international specialties at Faros restaurant, Kitroplatia Beach .

Kids clothing for 0-16 years can be found in store Happy Touch at 18, Sofokli Venizelou street.

Shoe repair & handmade leather bags, sandals, belts, wallets, unique leather bracelers & many other, at Deras Tsagkariko, 28A, Kontogianni street.

Women’s fashion can be found in store SUEDE, at 5, 25is Martiou street Your fashionspot in the center of the city.

Luxury jewelry, watches you can find in stores L. Maris in Agios Nikolaos, Main store: A. Koundourou 20, Cielo Venezia 1270: R. Koundourou 60, in Elounda, Elounda Beach Hotel, in Plaka Village, Blue Palace Hotel.

Finest and quality women’s fashion can be found in store Premium, at R. Koundourou & 4, Polytechniou street.

Men’s fashion can be found in store Cosmos Fashion, at 19, El. Venizelou Sqr..

Clothes for men & women can be found in store GUSTO, always the quality first, at N. Plastira & 28th October street.

Famous brands for men and women clothes can be bought in store SOHO, at 6, M. Sfakianaki street.

Women’s fashion can be found in store To Magazi, at 12, Kontogianni street.

The best summer beachwear, Mano A Mano, 16, Kontogianni street.

Crystals, minerals, fossils and jewels in Talos store at three points, one at 11, R. Koundourou street, second at 10, 28th October street and third at 26, Akti I. Koundourou street.

Beauty, fashion and style for women, Mantzou Antigoni at 13, Kontogianni street.

Rent a car, a motorbike, a yacht, a caravan for your holidays from Motor Holidays Stathis, 30th st. Akti Koundourou .

Rent a bike, ELOUNDA Rent a Bike, at Elounda .

Bike sales, rentals and accessories from Mirabello Bikes, Nikos Tampakakis, at 5, P.Meletiou Metaxaki street, Neapoli village .

Tours and Rentals, Skybalos Kinky Bikes, at 5 El. Plataki street.

For your stay, next to the wonderful beach, visit Artemis Beach Hotel in Havania Village .

For rental motorbike, car or whatever you want, also call Reliable International, 19, Akti Koundourou street.

Hotel - Restaurant Polydoros with great sea view, is waitting for you at Ammoudi Beach, 3, Koundourou street.

Cofee art & more by the sea can be served at Palazzo Café Bar, Kitroplatia beach .

Pizza and Pasta, by the lake Voulismeni, at TULLIO, 9, Omirou street.

Cretan cuisine by the lake in Ntakos restaurant, at 14, Omirou street.

Café, greek meze, and snack bar with a magnificient view to Spinallonga, Carob Tree at Plaka Village, Elounda .

Cafe, restaurant with personality, by the lake, La Casa, at 31, 28th October street.

Cretan handmade olive wood crafts in Olive Tree, at 31, 28th October street.

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